Journal of Advanced Ceramics


environmental barrier coatings (EBCs), delamination, pulse thermography (PT), multi-layer, image processing


The pulse thermography (PT) technique was applied to the detection of the delamination of a multi-layered coating system composed of mullite/Si onto a reaction-bonded SiC substrate. The potential evaluation was carried out in order to detect internal delamination in multi-layered material system. Moreover, the observation of the cross sections and 3D views obtained by X-ray computed tomography (CT) indicated that the delamination occurred at the interface between the top coat and the bond coat layers. The changes in the temperature distribution obtained by PT indicated the existence of a delamination area in the top coat layer of the mullite. In particular, the lower temperature region corresponded to the delamination area. The experimental results confirmed that the PT technique is effective with respect to the internal delamination of multi-layered coating system.


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