Journal of Advanced Ceramics


tailored Ti3AlC2, mean coefficient of friction, wear rate, worn mechanisms


Tribological property of c-axis textured shell-like Ti3AlC2 ceramic was investigated using reciprocating sliding balls (SUS304) under loads of 1, 5, and 9 N. It was found that the textured top surface (TTS), corresponding to the (000l) plane, shows the lowest mean coefficient of friction in comparison with those measured on the textured side surface (TSS), where the sliding directions are parallel (TSS-1) and perpendicular (TSS-2) to c axis, under the same load. Among all the tested orientations, the TSS-2 exhibited the lowest wear rate of 1.51×10-3 mm3/(N·m) under the load of 9 N. The worn mechanisms on the TTS and TSS-1 were delamination, grain fracture, and grain spalling-off. On the TSS-2, plowing effect against balls was the dominating mechanism. This work suggests the criteria to maximize the wear resistance in the load range of 1-9 N.


Tsinghua University Press