Journal of Advanced Ceramics


ceria, nanocrystalline, ionic liquid, room temperature, catalysis


CeO2 nanosheets were directly synthesized by a precipitation process with the aid of 1-butyl-3-methyl-imidazolium ionic liquids at room temperature. The anion species and the concentration of the room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) have a great influence on the morphology of the resulting products. The as-prepared CeO2 is irregular and agglomerated seriously in the absence of RTILs, while it changes from nanocube to nanosheet with increasing the RTIL concentration or decreasing the polarity and hydrophilicity in the orders [Bmim]Cl > [Bmim]Br > [Bmim]BF4 > [Bmim]PF6. The CeO2 nanocubes have relatively uniform grain size distribution with size of 4.5–6.4 nm, and the nanosheets are assembled by a great deal of nanocrystalline whose length and width extend to hundreds of nanometers. The as-synthesized CeO2 exhibits an excellent removal capacity for the organic pollutant Congo red dye, indicating its potential use in practical wastewater treatment.


Tsinghua University Press