Journal of Advanced Ceramics


energy harvesting, piezoelectric ceramic, cyclic loading, electric power generation


Electric power generation characteristics of lead zirconate titanate (PZT) piezoelectric ceramic have been examined during cyclic loading with different compressive strain value. A thin PZT ceramic plate attached to a thin brass plate was used. With an increasing compressive strain value in the PZT ceramic plate, the electric voltage increased, and the highest electric voltage was obtained for the sample with the high strain level (0.4%). The electric voltage decreased for the sample with more than 0.45% strain because of the failure in the PZT ceramic. The electric voltage was different depending on the strain condition, where the higher strain and the wider strain range (Δε) made the high electric voltage. Moreover, the electric voltage was attributed to the strain rate, where the higher strain rate made higher electric voltage due to high kinetic energy. The electric generation characteristics could be estimated with an operation of the strain value and strain ratio (εminmax) especially for the sample loaded cyclically under the slow loading speed. This was affected by the linear correlation between the electric voltage and the strain value. Based upon the experimental work, suitable loading condition to make high electric voltage could be proposed.


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