Journal of Advanced Ceramics


magnetic materials, nanostructure, pellets waste


About 8% of the imported iron oxide pellets burdens to Egypt are wasted. In this paper, broken pellets waste (BPW) is used as raw material for the preparation of hard magnetic glass ceramics (HMGC) as well as soft magnetic glass ceramics (SMGC). About 54 wt% and 37 wt% of BPW are used to prepare SMGC and HMGC, respectively. Differential thermal analysis (DTA) reveals two broad exothermic peaks for HMGC at 591 ℃ and 697 ℃, whereas one exothermic peak at 820 ℃ is detected for SMGC. X-ray diffraction (XRD) shows the crystallization of hematite as the sol phase in BPW, and meanwhile, Zn–ferrite and Ba–hexaferrite are identified in SMGC and HMGC, respectively. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) reveals the crystallization of nanosize particles of ~20 nm for SMGC and ~12 nm for HMGC. Vibrating scanning magnetometer (VSM) reveals an increase in saturation magnetization from ~1 emu/g for BPW to ~77 emu/g for SMGC and 21 emu/g for HMGC.


Tsinghua University Press