Journal of Advanced Ceramics


white pigment, titanium phosphates, photocatalytic activity, smoothness


Titanium oxide that has photocatalytic activity is used as white pigment for cosmetics. A certain degree of sebum on the skin is decomposed by the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. In this work, as novel white pigment, titanium phosphates were synthesized with titanium sulfate and phosphoric acid for cosmetics. Their chemical composition, powder properties, photocatalytic activity, color phase, moisture retention, and smoothness were studied. These titanium phosphates had less photocatalytic activity to protect the sebum on the skin. Samples without heating and those heated at 100 ℃ showed high reflectance in the range of visible light. Sample prepared in Ti/P = 3/2 had higher moisture retention than samples prepared in other Ti/P ratios.


Tsinghua University Press