Journal of Advanced Ceramics


Ti3AlC2, Raman spectroscopy, alkaline corrosion, hot corrosion


This paper investigated the corrosion behaviors of Ti3AlC2 at 700 ℃ in molten KOH with various mass ratios. If the mass ratio of KOH:Ti3AlC2≤2, Ti3AlC2 can resist KOH hot corrosion in 2 h. Ti3AlC2 suffered serious corrosion attack if the mass ratio≥3. The main compositions of corroded samples were amorphous graphite and potassium titanates (K2O·nTiO2). If the samples were washed by acid and dried, potassium titanates could decompose to K2O and amorphous rutile. Based on the experimental results, a corrosion mechanism of Ti3AlC2 in molten KOH was proposed.


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