Journal of Advanced Ceramics


high-entropy oxides, zirconates, nanopowders, polymerized complex method


The high-purity and superfine high-entropy zirconate nanopowders, namely (Y0.25La0.25Sm0.25Eu0.25)2Zr2O7 nanopowders, without agglomeration, were successfully synthesized via polymerized complex method at low temperatures for the first time. The results showed that the crystallinity degree, lattice strain, and particle size of the as-synthesized powders were gradually enhanced with the increase of the synthesis temperature from 800 to 1300 ℃. The as-synthesized powders involved fluorite phase in the range of 800-1200 ℃ while they underwent the phase evolution from fluorite to pyrochlore at 1300 ℃. It is worth mentioning that the as-synthesized powders at 900 ℃ are of the highest quality among all the as-synthesized powders, which is due to the fact that they not only possess the particle size of 11 nm without agglomeration, but also show high purity and good compositional uniformity.