Journal of Advanced Ceramics


BCZT ceramics, Mn-doping, different sintering atmosphere, p/n-type conduction mechanism, defect engineering


The intrinsic conduction mechanism and optimal sintering atmosphere of (Ba0.85Ca0.15)(Zr0.1Ti0.9)O3 (BCZT) ceramics were regulated by Mn-doping element in this work. By Hall and impedance analysis, the undoped BCZT ceramics exhibit a typical n-type conduction mechanism, and the electron concentration decreases with the increasing oxygen partial pressure. Therefore, the undoped ceramics exhibit best electrical properties (piezoelectrical constant d33 = 585 pC·N-1, electro-mechanical coupling factor kp = 56%) in O2. A handful of Mn-doping element would transfer the conduction mechanism from n-type into p-type. And the hole concentration reduces with the decreasing oxygen partial pressure for Mn-doped BCZT ceramics. Therefore, the Mn-doped ceramics sintered in N2 have the highest insulation resistance and best piezoelectric properties (d33 = 505 pC·N-1, kp = 50%). The experimental results demonstrate that the Mn-doping element can effectively adjust the intrinsic conduction mechanism and then predict the optimal atmosphere.