Journal of Advanced Ceramics

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Corrosion resistance of non-stoichiometric gadolinium zirconate fabricated by laser-enhanced chemical vapor deposition


thermal barrier coating (TBC), gadolinium zirconate (GZ), nonstoichiometry, corrosion resistance


Gadolinium zirconate (GZ) is a promising candidate for next-generation thermal barrier coating (TBC) materials. Its corrosion resistance against calcium–magnesium–alumino–silicate (CMAS) needs to be further increased for enhancing its in-service life. As the Gd element plays an important role in the CMAS resistance, three GZ coatings (GZ-0.75, GZ-1.0, and GZ-1.2) with different Gd/Zr atomic ratios are designed and deposited by laser enhanced chemical vapor deposition (LCVD) in this work. It is found that the generated Gd-apatite in GZ-1.2 would block micro-cracks inside the column structure and the inter-columnar gap more efficiently. Thus, the CMAS penetration rate (5.2 μm/h) of GZ-1.2 decreases over 27% comparing with GZ-1.0 and GZ-0.75, which is even lower than the Gd2Zr2O7 coatings fabricated by electron-beam physical vapor depositions (EB-PVDs). This work provides a feasible way to adjust the coating’s corrosion resistance and may guide the development of future coating for long in-service life.


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