Journal of Advanced Ceramics


hydrothermal synthesis, barium titanate, Li2SiO3, potassium-sodium niobate


The present article aims to give a brief overview about the advantages of the hydrothermal crystallization method for the synthesis of advanced ceramics. Emphasis is given, not only on the conventional hydrothermal crystallization, but also on some of its variants; such as ultrasound-assisted, electrochemical-assisted, microwave-assisted and surfactant-assisted hydrothermal methods which open up new opportunities for the synthesis of ceramic materials with novel properties demanded for advanced applications. In the current work the synthesis of barium titanate (BaTiO3), lithium metasilicate (Li2SiO3) and sodium-potassium niobate (Na, K)NbO3 powders are reported as cases of study.


Tsinghua University Press