Journal of Advanced Ceramics


nanocrystals, electronic functions, Perovskite, bottom-up process


There has been a great progress in the synthesis of a variety of inorganic colloidal nanocrystals (NCs) with highly controlled size and shape in the last decade. This achievement has promoted comprehensive researches on the fabrication and engineering of NC devices with novel structure and function with the aim of utilizing them in a wide area of applications, including electronics and optoelectronics, by using various NC assembling and patterning methods. However, colloidal NCs having been extensively investigated so far are mostly metals, semiconductors and magnetic materials, and only limited investigations on oxide NCs from a point of view of NC ceramic engineering have been done. Here, innovative nanocrystal-based technologies necessary for the fabrication of NC ceramic devices with novel and gigantic electronic functions, limiting the materials to perovskite oxides, and a new perspective on the future ceramic technology are discussed.


Tsinghua University Press