Journal of Advanced Ceramics


hexagonal ferrite, magnetic material, low temperature cofiring ceramics


Y-type hexagonal ferrite with planar magnetocrystalline anisotropy has ultrahigh cut-off frequency up to GHz and excellent magnetic properties in hyper frequency range, so that is regarded as the most suitable material in correpongding inductive devices and components. The technology of low temperature cofired ceramics for surface-mounted multilayer chip components needs ferrite to be sintered well under 900 ℃ to avoid the melting and diffusion of Ag inner electrode during the cofiring process. To lower the sintering temperature of Y-type hexagonal ferrite, there are several methods, (1) using nano-sized starting powders, (2) substitution by low-melting elements, (3) adding sintering additives, and (4) introducing lattice defect. In this paper, the effects of different methods on the sintering behavior and the magnetic properties were discussed in detail.


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