Intelligent and Converged Networks


quantum computing, intelligent transportation, quantum annealing, D-wave quantum computer


The intelligent transportation system (ITS) integrates a variety of advanced science and technology to support and monitor road traffic systems and accelerate the urbanization process of various countries. This paper analyzes the shortcomings of ITS, introduces the principle of quantum computing and the performance of universal quantum computer and special-purpose quantum computer, and shows how to use quantum advantages to improve the existing ITS. The application of quantum computer in transportation field is reviewed from three application directions: path planning, transportation operation management, and transportation facility layout. Due to the slow development of the current universal quantum computer, the D-Wave quantum machine is used as a breakthrough in the practical application. This paper makes it clear that quantum computing is a powerful tool to promote the development of ITS, emphasizes the importance and necessity of introducing quantum computing into intelligent transportation, and discusses the possible development direction in the future.