Intelligent and Converged Networks


6G, man-machine-object-genie, sematic information, end-to-end AI transceiver, AI empowered wireless transmission, user-centric access


With the deployment and commercial application of 5G, researchers start to think of 6G, which could meet more diversified and deeper intelligent communication requirements. In this paper, a four physical elements, i.e., man, machine, object, and genie, featured 6G concept is introduced. Genie is explained as a new element toward 6G. This paper focuses on the genie realization as an intelligent wireless transmission toward 6G, including sematic information theory, end-to-end artificial intelligence (AI) joint transceiver design, intelligent wireless transmission block design, and user-centric intelligent access. A comprehensive state-of-the-art of each key technology is presented and main questions as well as some novel suggestions are given. Genie will work comprehensively in 6G wireless communication and other major industrial vertical, while its realization is concrete and step by step. It is realized that genie-based wireless communication link works with high intelligence and performs better than that controlled manually.


Tsinghua University Press