Intelligent and Converged Networks


true-data testbed, wireless communication networks, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, internet of everything (IoE)


Future beyond fifth-generation (B5G) and sixth-generation (6G) mobile communications will shift from facilitating interpersonal communications to supporting internet of everything (IoE), where intelligent communications with full integration of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) will play an important role in improving network efficiency and providing high-quality service. As a rapid evolving paradigm, the AI-empowered mobile communications demand large amounts of data acquired from real network environment for systematic test and verification. Hence, we build the world’s first true-data testbed for 5G/B5G intelligent network (TTIN), which comprises 5G/B5G on-site experimental networks, data acquisition & data warehouse, and AI engine & network optimization. In the TTIN, true network data acquisition, storage, standardization, and analysis are available, which enable system-level online verification of B5G/6G-orientated key technologies and support data-driven network optimization through the closed-loop control mechanism. This paper elaborates on the system architecture and module design of TTIN. Detailed technical specifications and some of the established use cases are also showcased.


Tsinghua University Press