Intelligent and Converged Networks


multitarget tracking, time-consuming grouping, local information selection interaction, temporary leader selection strategy, subgroup size


This study focuses on the problem of multitarget tracking. To address the existing problems of current tracking algorithms, as manifested by the time consumption of subgroup separation and the uneven group size of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for target tracking, a multitarget tracking control algorithm under local information selection interaction is proposed. First, on the basis of location, number, and perceived target information of neighboring UAVs, a temporary leader selection strategy is designed to realize the local follow-up movement of UAVs when the UAVs cannot fully perceive the target. Second, in combination with the basic rules of cluster movement and target information perception factors, distributed control equations are designed to achieve a rapid gathering of UAVs and consistent tracking of multiple targets. Lastly, the simulation experiments are conducted in two- and three-dimensional spaces. Under a certain number of UAVs, clustering speed of the proposed algorithm is less than 3 s, and the equal probability of the UAV subgroup size after group separation is over 78%.


Tsinghua University Press