Intelligent and Converged Networks


Named Data Networking (NDN), ad hoc network, device-to-device communication


As Internet of Things (IoT) applications become more prevalent and grow in their use, a limited number of wireless communication methods may be unable to enable dependable, robust delivery of information. It is necessary to enable adaptive communication and interoperability over a variety of wireless communication media to meet the requirements of large-scale IoT applications. This paper utilizes Named Data Networking (NDN), an up-and-coming Information-Centric Network architecture, to interconnect differing communication links via the network layer, and implements dynamic forwarding strategies and routing mechanisms which aid in the efficient dissemination of information. This work targets the creation of an interface technique to allow NDN to be transported via LoRa. This is acheived via the coupling of LoRa and WiFi using the NDN Forwarding Daemon (NFD) to create a universal ad hoc network. This network has the capacity for high range and multi-hop Device-to-Device (D2D) communication together with compatibility with other network communication media. Testing of the system in a real environment has shown that the newly created ad hoc network is capable of communicating over a several kilometer radius, while making use of the features provided by NDN to capitalize upon various links available to enable the efficient dissemination of data. Furthermore, the newly created network leverages NDN features to enable content-based routing within the LoRa network and utilize content-based routing techniques.


Tsinghua University Press