Intelligent and Converged Networks


Review Policy

All papers are single-blind peer reviewed. Each paper is assigned to at least three reviewers. At least two favorable reviews out of three are required for a paper to be considered for publication. The reviewers evaluate the papers according to the following criteria:


Does the paper reflect excellence of research work? Is it technically sound?


Does the paper provide a novel approach? Does it discuss new/unpublished work? Does it contain significant additional material to that already published?


Does the paper clearly communicate its message? Are tables and graphics clear to read and labelled appropriately?


How well does the content fit the Journal’s objectives and the issue’s theme? Is the paper of interest to the readership of the Journal?


Does the paper contain the appropriate referencing to provide adequate context for the present work?

Summary of evaluation

What is the global evaluation for this paper?

Overall recommendation

Is the overall recommendation for this paper to 'accept' (with minor or major revisions) or to 'reject'?

Reviewer familiarity

Reviewers are assigned based on their familiarity with topic of the paper.


All papers submitted for review are also scanned for plagiarism. Those papers where plagiarism is detected will not be considered for publication.