graphite-based solid lubricant coating, high temperature, air atmosphere, high lubricating performance


High-temperature solid lubricants play a significant role in the hot metal forming process. However, preparing high-temperature solid lubricant is formidably challenging due to the stern working conditions. Here we successfully develop a new type of eco-friendly high-temperature graphite-based solid lubricant by using amorphous silica dioxide, aluminum dihydrogen phosphate, and solid lubricant graphite. The solid lubricating coating exhibits excellent tribological properties with a very low friction coefficient and good wear protection for workpiece at high temperature under the air atmosphere. An array of analytical techniques reveals the existence of solid lubricant graphite in the lubricating coating after the high-temperature friction test. A synergistic effect between the protective surface film and the solid lubricant graphite is proposed to account for such superior lubricating performance. This work highlights the synergistic effect between the protection layer and the lubricant graphite and further provides the insight in designing the high-temperature solid lubricant.


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