grapheme (G), ionic liquid (IL), synergistic lubrication, protective films, out-of-plane puckering mechanism


We prepared a graphene/ionic liquid (G/IL) composite material by the hybridization of G and an IL for use as a lubricating oil additive. The friction coefficient and wear volume of a base oil containing 0.04 wt% of the G/IL composite was reduced by 45% and 90%, respectively. Furthermore, the base oil containing the G/IL composite exhibited better lubricating properties than the base oil containing G, IL, or a mixture of IL and G at the same mass fraction. A synergistic lubrication mechanism was also revealed. The G/IL composite was adsorbed and deposited on the wear surface, forming a more ordered protective film and a unique tribochemical reaction film during rubbing. Therefore, the G/IL composite exhibited the synergistic lubricating effects of G and IL, which significantly improved the lubricating performance of the base oil. This study also suggested a way to limit the out-of-plane puckering of G at the macroscale.


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