black phosphorus quantum dots, water-based lubricant additives, tribological performance, lubrication mechanism


Black phosphorus quantum dots (BPQDs), obtained via a typical solution-based top-down method, were used as water-based lubricant additives. BPQDs exhibited remarkable friction reduction and anti-wear properties even at the ultra-low concentration of 0.005 wt%, which reduced the friction coefficient and wear volume of the base liquid by 32.3% and 56.4%, respectively. In addition, the load-supporting capacity of the base liquid increased from 120 N to over 300 N. BPQDs-based additives exhibited a relatively long lifetime at a relatively high load of 80 N. The performance of BPQDs considerably exceeded that of the BP; this may be attributed to their small and uniform particle size, good dispersion stability in water, and high reactivity at the frictional surfaces. The results of the surface wear resistance analysis demonstrated that a robust tribochemical film with a thickness of approximately 90 nm was formed on the rubbing surface lubricated with 0.005 wt% of BPQDs dispersion. Moreover, the film served as a direct evidence of the excellent tribological performance of BPQDs.


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