noise, acoustic emission, wear, friction


Phenomena of friction, wear, and noise in mechanical contacts are particularly important in the field of tribomechanics but equally complex if one wants to represent their exact relationship with mathematical models. Efforts have been made to describe these phenomena with different approaches in past. These efforts have been compiled in different reviews but most of them treated friction, wear mechanics, and acoustic noise separately. However, an in-depth review that provides a critical analysis on their interdependencies is still missing. In this review paper, the interdependencies of friction, wear, and noise are analysed in the mechanical contacts at asperitical level. The origin of frictional noise, its dependencies on contact’s mechanical properties, and its performance under different wear conditions are critically reviewed. A discussion on the existing mathematical models of friction and wear is also provided in the last section that leads to uncover the gap in the existing literature. This review concludes that still a comprehensive analytical modelling approach is required to relate the interdependencies of friction, noise, and wear with mathematical expressions.


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