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A synergetic strategy based on laser surface texturing and lubricating grease for improving the tribological and electrical properties of Ag coating under current-carrying friction


laser surface texturing, tribology, contact resistance, lubricating grease


Herein, a series of Ag coatings with different micro-dimples were fabricated on copper surfaces by laser surface texturing (LST) and magnetron sputtering. Multilayer graphene lubricating grease (MGLG) was prepared using multilayer graphene as an additive. The textured Ag coatings and MGLG were characterized. Moreover, the tribological and electrical performances of the textured Ag coatings under MGLG lubrication were investigated in detail. Results demonstrated that the textured Ag coating with an appropriate dimple diameter could exhibit improved tribological and electrical properties when compared to the non-textured Ag coating under MGLG lubrication. The characterization and analysis of the worn surfaces suggest that the synergetic effect of LST and MGLG contributes to these excellent tribological and electrical properties.


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