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Temperature-mediated tribological characteristics of 40CrNiMoA steel and Inconel 718 alloy during sliding against Si3N4 counterparts


steel alloys, high-temperature tribology, wear and friction, oxidation, surface/interface chemistry


A comparative evaluation of the friction and wear behaviors of 40CrNiMoA steel and Inconel 718 alloy sliding against Si3N4 counterparts was conducted over a large temperature range from room temperature (RT) to 800 ℃. The temperature-dependent tribological properties associated with the resulting chemical mitigation and structural adaptation of the solid sliding surface were clarified by surface/interface characterizations. The results revealed desirable performance in reducing friction and wear at elevated temperatures, which was associated with the resulting oxide composite film's adaptive lubricating capability, whereas severe abrasive wear occurred at room/ambient temperatures. The oxidative-abrasive differentials for the two alloys were further discussed by considering the combined effect of temperature and stressed-shearing conditions.


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