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Tribological characteristics of friction stir processed graphite and tin/LM24 surface composites


composites, friction stir processing, graphite, tin, Al-Si alloy, wear


Friction stir processing (FSP) is an emerging solid-state technique for preparing surface composites using various reinforcements. Ceramics and metallic particles are easily reinforced in a matrix by this technique. Surface composites made from an LM24 alloy reinforced with graphite and tin, with good wettability and material flow owing to the low melting point of tin, were fabricated by FSP at two rotational speeds of 1,400 and 1,000 rpm. Despite its low hardness, the graphite/LM24 surface composite fabricated at a higher rotational speed of 1,400 rpm exhibited better wear resistance. However, its frictional behavior was not significantly affected by the reinforcement. The fabricated surface composites with graphite and tin reinforcement as well as graphite-only reinforcement exhibited contradicting behaviors under sliding wear conditions. The post wear analysis indicated that abrasion, adhesion, layer formation, and delamination occurred on the composite surfaces.


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