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Assessment of wear micromechanisms on a laser textured cemented carbide tool during abrasive-like machining by FIB/FESEM


focused ion beam (FIB), field-emission scanning electron microscopy inspection (FESEM), cemented carbides, laser surface texturing, abrasive machining processes, wear


The combined use of focused ion beam (FIB) milling and field-emission scanning electron microscopy inspection (FESEM) is a unique and successful approach for assessment of near-surface phenomena at specific and selected locations. In this study, a FIB/FESEM dual-beam platform was implemented to docment and analyze the wear micromechanisms on a laser-surface textured (LST) hardmetal (HM) tool. In particular, changes in surface and microstructural integrity of the laser-sculptured pyramids (effective cutting microfeatures) were characterized after testing the LST-HM tool against a steel workpiece in a workbench designed to simulate an external honing process. It was demonstrated that: (1) laser-surface texturing does not degrade the intrinsic surface integrity and tool effectiveness of HM pyramids; and (2) there exists a correlation between the wear and loading of shaped pyramids at the local level. Hence, the enhanced performance of the laser-textured tool should consider the pyramid geometry aspects rather than the microstructure assemblage of the HM grade used, at least for attempted abrasive applications.


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