unlubricated friction, ceramics composites, carbon fiber materials, long fibers, wear mechanisms


Carbon fibers reinforced lithium aluminosilicate matrix composites (Cf/LAS) were prepared by slurry infiltration combined with a hot press procedure. The friction, wear behavior, and wear mechanisms of Cf/LAS composites under dry sliding conditions were investigated. The results show that the coefficient of friction (COF) initially increased with the increase in carbon fiber content, and reached the maximum value of 0.20 for the 33%Cf/LAS composite. The COF increased sharply with increasing sample temperature from RT to 300 °C. The COF remained stable in the temperature range of 300-500 °C. The two wear mechanisms of LAS glass- ceramics are fatigue wear and abrasive wear. The Cf/LAS composites demonstrate slight spalling and shallow scratches. These results show that carbon fibers improve the mechanical properties and wear resistance of Cf/LAS composites.


Tsinghua University Press