adhesion, friction model, elastoplastic theory, contact surface, stick-slip


Adhesion is one of essences with respect to rubber friction because the magnitude of the friction force is closely related to the magnitude of adhesion on a real contact area. However, the real contact area during sliding depends on the state and history of the contact surface. Therefore, the friction force occasionally exhibits rate-, state-, and pressure dependency. In this study, to rationally describe friction and simulate boundary value problems, a rate-, state-, and pressure-dependent friction model based on the elastoplastic theory was formulated. First, the evolution law for the friction coefficient was prescribed. Next, a nonlinear sliding surface (frictional criterion) was adopted, and several other evolution laws for internal state variables were prescribed. Subsequently, the typical response characteristics of the proposed friction model were demonstrated, and its validity was verified by comparing the obtained results with those of experiments conducted considering the contact surface between a rough rubber hemisphere and smooth acrylic plate.


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