LbL self-assembly, hybrid fabric, wear, friction


Fabric composites are widely applied as self-lubricating liner for radial spherical plain bearings owing to their excellent mechanical and tribological properties. Nevertheless, the poor interfacial strength between fibers and the resin matrix limits the performance of composites utilized as tribo-materials. To overcome this drawback, a mild layer-by-layer (LbL) self-assembly method was successfully used to construct hybrid fabric composites in the present work. In addition, this investigation addressed the effect of self-assembly cycles on the friction and wear behaviors of hybrid fabric composites under dry sliding condition. The results demonstrate that fabric composites with three or more self-assembly cycles have significantly enhanced surface activities and anti-wear performances. The results obtained in this work can provide guidance in the preparation of self- lubricating liner composites and highlight how the LbL self-assembly techniques could influence the properties of hybrid fabric composites.


Tsinghua University Press