high-entropy alloy, dry sliding wear, friction, intermetallic


In this study, CoCrFeNiTi0.5Alx high-entropy alloys were produced by induction melting and their dry sliding wear behavior was examined at different temperatures. In addition to face-centered cubic (FCC) phases, low amounts of a tetragonal phase were detected in the microstructures of alloys without Al and microscratches were formed by wear particles on the worn surfaces of the alloy specimens. Two body-centered cubic (BCC) phases were detected in the alloy with 0.5Al and a fatigue-related extrusion wear mechanism was detected on the worn surface. The alloy specimen with a high Al content exhibited the best wear characteristics. No wear tracks were formed in single-phase BCC intermetallic alloys at room temperature and they exhibited a higher wear strength at high temperatures when compared to other samples.


Tsinghua University Press