adhesion, coating, friction, wear, polyurethane


MoS2-multi-walled-carbon-nanotube (MWCNT) hybrids containing two-dimensional MoS2 and one-dimensional MWCNTs were synthesized through a one-step hydrothermal reaction. X-ray-diffraction and transmission-electron-microscopy results demonstrated that MoS2 nanosheets were successfully synthesized, and uniformly anchored on the MWCNTs' surfaces. Furthermore, the effects of the MoS2-MWCNT hybrids on the tribological performances of polyurethane composite coatings were investigated using a UMT-2MT tribo-tester. Friction and wear test results revealed that the friction coefficient and wear rate of a 3 wt% MoS2-MWCNT-1 filled polyurethane composite coating were reduced by 25.6% and 65.5%, respectively. The outstanding tribological performance of the MoS2-MWCNT-1 reinforced polyurethane composite coating was attributed to the excellent load-carrying capacity of the MWCNTs and good lubricant ability of MoS2. The surface morphologies of the worn surfaces and counterpart ball surfaces were investigated to reveal the wear mechanisms.


Tsinghua University Press