ionic liquid, additive, friction, wear, polar oil


The ionic liquid (IL) tributylmethylammonium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)amide ([N4441][NTf2]) was used as neat lubricant and as an additive (1.5 wt%) in a polar oil to study its friction and wear reducing properties. Tribological tests were completed for 90 minutes at room temperature and 100 ℃ in a reciprocating configuration at loads of 30 and 70 N, 10 Hz-frequency, and 4 mm stroke length. Wear volume was measured by confocal microscopy and the surface-IL interaction determined by XPS. The main findings were that neat IL showed the best tribological behavior; the IL-containing mixture behaved similar to the base oil regarding friction, however outperformed the antiwear behavior of the base oil under higher temperature; surface-IL chemical interaction was found mainly at 100 ℃.


Tsinghua University Press