thermal mixed lubrication, surface coating, surface texturing, piston ring, tribological performance


For the ring/liner conjunction, well-designed surface texturing has been regarded as a potential means to improve its tribological performance, as well as the application of coating. However, so far most researchers focused on the one of these aspects. In this study, the combined effect of coating and texturing on the performance of ring/liner conjunction is numerically investigated. A thermal mixed lubrication model is presented. The effects of the coating’s thermal and mechanical properties on the tribological performance are studied under the cold and warm engine operating conditions. Along with the increasing coating thickness, the effects of the coating’s thermal properties on friction loss are found to be significant, as well as the effects of the coating’s mechanical properties. It is also found that a soft coating with a lower thermal inertia has a greater ability to reduce the friction loss of the textured conjunction.


Tsinghua University Press