bolted fastener, loosening curve, fretting, coating, dynamic shear load


This paper investigates the self-loosening of threaded fasteners subjected to dynamic shear load. Three kinds of typical coatings, PTFE, MoS2, and TiN applied to bolts and nuts, are tested in this investigation. The study experimentally examines the loosening mechanisms of fasteners and assesses the anti-loosening performance of the three tested coatings based on their tightening characteristics, loosening curves, and the damage of thread surface. Additionally, the anti-loosening performance of the three coatings is compared under different load forms. The results indicate that the PTFE and MoS2 coatings have significant anti-loosening effect, whereas the anti-loosening performance of TiN coating is not satisfactory. It is also found that an appropriate increase of the initial tightening torque can significantly improve the anti-loosening effect. In addition, the microscopic analyses of PTFE and MoS2 coating reveal that a reduced initial tightening torque leads to fretting wear on the thread contact surfaces of fasteners, thereby aggravating the damage.


Tsinghua University Press