multilayer coating, friction, wear, tribology


Friction and wear phenomena encountered in mechanical systems with moving components are directly related to efficiency, reliability and life of the system. Hence, minimizing and controlling these phenomena to achieve the desired system performance is crucial. Among the numerous strategies developed for reducing friction and wear, coatings have been successfully utilized in various engineering applications to mitigate tribological problems. One of the benefits of coatings is that they may be fabricated using a variety of materials in several different forms and structures to satisfy the requirements of the operating conditions. Among many types, coatings that are comprised of a combination of materials in the form of a multilayer have been gaining much interest due to the added degree of freedom in tailoring the coating property. In this paper, the properties and development status of multilayer coating systems for tribological applications were reviewed with the aim to gain a better understanding regarding their advantages and limitations. Specifically, focus was given to Ti-based and Cr-based coatings since Ti and Cr were identified as important elements in multilayer coating applications. Emphasis was given to materials, design concepts, mechanical properties, deposition method, and friction and wear characteristics of these types of coatings.


Tsinghua University Press