nano-montmorillonite, insulation, friction and wear


Three types of nano-montmorillonite were doped as additives to afford lubricating greases. The physicochemical, insulating, and tribological performances of the obtained lubricating greases were investigated in detail. Furthermore, the tribological action mechanisms were analyzed by high magnification optical microscope, Raman spectroscopy, and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscope (EDS). The results show that the inorganic modification montmorillonite (IOMMT) can significantly increase the number of electron traps in the base grease, leading to excellent insulating performances. Moreover, IOMMT as a novel lubricant additive (1.5 wt% in grease) significantly enhances the friction reducing and anti-wear abilities for steel/steel contact that comprises a unique layered structure to prevent friction between the contact pairs and the protective tribofilm generated by physical adsorption and chemical reaction.


Tsinghua University Press