epoxy composites, carbon nanotubes, wear, friction temperature


Reinforced polymer–matrix composites are widely used under sliding contact conditions in various boating and automotive applications. In this paper, the friction and wear of bulk epoxy and carbon filler reinforced epoxy composites have been investigated using a pin-on-disc tribometer. The effect of different fillers on the tribological behavior of an epoxy has been studied using treated and untreated carbon nanotubes, graphite, and a mixture of graphite and carbon nanotubes. Filler addition greatly enhances the tribological properties of the epoxy resin, by reducing the friction coefficient and the wear rate. In addition, it was found that the treated carbon nanotubes/epoxy composites have the best tribological behavior. Moreover, a correlation between contact temperature and friction coefficient is reported. Finally, the wear mechanisms were determined by scanning electronic microscopy.


Tsinghua University Press