film thickness measurement, optical interference, optical matrix, rolling bearing, high speed


There are few experimental results available on film thickness at speeds above 5 m/s and they are almost all based on the optical ball-on-disc test rig. In contrast to the contacts in a rolling bearing, in which the lubricant in the oil reservoir distributes symmetrically, ball-on-disc contact shows asymmetry of lubricant distribution due to centrifugal effects. In order to closely imitate the contact occurring between the ball and the outer ring of a ball bearing, this study proposes an experimental model based on ball-on-glass ring contact. An optical matrix method is used to analyze the optical system, which is composed of a steel ball-lubricant-chromium-coated glass ring. Based on the optical analysis, the measurement system is improved in order to obtain a high quality interference image, which makes it possible to measure the film thickness at high-speeds conditions.


Tsinghua University Press