friction, solid superlubricity, liquid superlubricity


Since the term “superlubricity” was put forward at the beginning of 1990s, it has become one of the hottest researches in tribology due to it being close linked to the energy problems. Recently, the International Workshop on “Superlubricity: Fundamental and Applications” was successfully held on 19–20 October 2015 in Beijing, which has attracted many researchers in this field. The recent scientific results in both solid superlubricity and liquid superlubricity have been presented according to these invited wonderful lectures and posters. In the communication, we gave an introduction to the Workshop on Superlubricity, and also summarized the new achievements of superlubricity during recent years according to these reports. Finally, the problems of superlubricity mechanism and the future development direction of superlubricity are discussed.


Tsinghua University Press