sandblasting; mechanical strength; roughness; soda lime glass


Damage to a glass surface by sandblasting has a remarkable effect on its mechanical properties and strength. In this study, we analyze the superficial deterioration of soda-lime glass and its influence on the mechanical strength. Sandblasting by gravitation from a fixed height causes damages by the free fall of different quantities of sand, which we performed for a selected grain size and at different angles of inclination. To characterize the surface state, we used different roughness measures (the arithmetic mean value of the roughness Ra, the root mean square roughness Rq, and the maximum roughness Rmax) and measured the optical transmission (transmittance) at different points on the specimen surface using a profilometer. To determine the mechanical strength, we proceeded by two methods: first, by a shock ball (falling ball), and then by biaxial bending using circular supports. The effects of the surface damage on the optical transmission and the mechanical strength of the glass are graphically presented and discussed in this paper.


Tsinghua University Press