Nomex fabric/phenolic composite, friction and wear property, dry and water-bathed sliding condition


A Nomex fabric/phenolic composite was prepared, and its tribological properties were evaluated under dry and water-bathed sliding conditions by a pin-on-disk tribometer. The resulting size of the friction coefficient for the Nomex fabric/phenolic composite in the study occurred in the following order: dry sliding condition > distilled water-bathed sliding condition > sea water-bathed sliding condition. The fabric composite’s wear rate from high to low was as follows: distilled water-bathed sliding condition > sea water-bathed sliding condition > dry sliding condition. Under water-bathed sliding conditions, penetration of water into the cracks accelerated the composite’s invalidation process, resulting in a higher wear rate. We also found that the extent of corrosion and transfer film formed on the counterpart pin significantly influenced the wear rate of the Nomex fabric composite. Discussion of the Nomex fabric composite’s wear mechanisms under the sliding conditions investigated is provided on the basis of the characterization results.


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