friction welding, duplex stainless steel, hardness, toughness, microstructure


Friction welding is a solid-state joining process which is applied extensively because of its advantages such as low heat input, efficient application, ease in manufacturing, and environmental friendliness. The present study investigates the mechanical and metallurgical properties of UNS S32205 duplex stainless steel friction-welded joints. The process parameters, namely friction pressure, upsetting pressure, and rotational speed are individually varied from low level to high level (within the range of the machine setup) and their effects on the joint properties are analyzed. The partial-deformation zone had higher hardness than the weld and base metal. The toughness of the joints was evaluated at room temperature and at subzero temperature conditions. The impact toughness of the friction-welded joints was found to be superior to fusion-joined duplex stainless steel in room and cryogenic conditions.


Tsinghua University Press