CSS-42L, MXene, Sn–Ag–Cu–Ti3C2 (SACT), grooves, tribological properties, friction-induced noise


To improve the tribological performance of CSS-42L bearing steel, smooth surfaces (SSs), groove-textured surfaces (GSs), GSs with Sn–Ag–Cu (GSs–SAC), and GSs with Sn–Ag–Cu–Ti3C2 (GSs–SACT) were prepared on CSS-42L. In addition, experimental studies were conducted on tribological properties. The obtained results indicated that GSs–SACT exhibited the best anti-friction and noise reduction performances. These remarkable tribological performances were attributed to the synergistic effects of grooves, Sn–Ag–Cu, and MXene–Ti3C2. The inconsistent rules of frictional forces were improved by the grooves and SACT, which inhibit the friction-induced noise. The micro-nano size-effects of MXene–Ti3C2 enhanced the repairing effect and anti-friction property of composite lubricants, which improved the profile characteristics of GSs–SACT.

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