fretting wear, fretting fatigue, critical plane, Ruiz parameter, debris


Both wear and fatigue occur in fretting condition, and they interact with one another during the whole process. Fretting fatigue is commonly analysed without considering the effect of wear in partial slip regime, although wear affects the lifetime of crack initiation. This paper investigates, for the first time, the effect of wear debris on fretting fatigue crack initiation. To investigate the effect of debris, first fretting wear characteristics in partial slip regime are analysed for loading conditions. Then, the effect of wear on fretting fatigue crack initiation is investigated using Ruiz parameters and critical plane methods without considering the debris effect. Through the results, we can see that loading conditions affect the wear profiles in different ways. Moreover, wear has a significant effect on the fatigue in partial slip regime without considering debris especially on the crack initiation location. Finally, considering wear debris in the analysis, its effect on critical plane parameters is investigated. It is found that by considering the wear debris effect, the fretting fatigue crack initiation location is shifted towards the trailing edge. The predictions of both crack initiation location and lifetime show a good agreement with the experimental data.

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