Y2O3 nanosheets, chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP), nanoabrasives, slurry flow, wafer-pad contact


Continued reduction in feature dimension in integrated circuits demands high degree of flatness after chemical mechanical polishing. Here we report using new yttrium oxide (Y2O3) nanosheets as slurry abrasives for chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) of copper. Results showed that the global planarization was improved by 30% using a slurry containing Y2O3 nanosheets in comparison with a standard industrial slurry. During CMP, the two-dimensional square shaped Y2O3 nanosheet is believed to induce the low friction, the better rheological performance, and the laminar flow leading to the decrease in the within-wafer-non-uniformity, surface roughness, as well as dishing. The application of the two-dimensional nanosheets as abrasive in CMP would increase the manufacturing yield of integrated circuits.


Tsinghua University Press