Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow

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Validation experiments on bubbling fluidization of Group B glass particles


validation experiments, bubbling fluidization, Geldart B glass particles, particle-laden flows


Results from validation experiments on bubbling fluidization are presented. The tests were performed in three cylindrical columns having internal diameters of 2.5, 4, and 6 inches. The systems were designed to have considerably higher particle counts compared to the commonly used validation experiments found in published literature. Well-characterized glass particles having a Sauter mean diameter of 332 μm were used. The superficial velocity of air at the inlet was specified at five distinct settings in the range of 0.235-0.423 m/s corresponding to 2.97-5.35 Umf, where Umf = 0.079 m/s is the minimum fluidization velocity measured in the 2.5-inch unit. A systematic procedure was followed for each column involving five replicates of the selected inflow conditions in a randomized order. Uncertainty measures are provided for mean and standard deviation of differential pressure, while the statistics of interface height are reported with pixel threshold dependence. Overall, the findings from these experiments are consistent with the previous studies. The datasets generated are critical to assess coarse-grained modeling techniques developed for large-scale applications like Particle-In-Cell or Coarse-Grained Discrete Element Model, as well as elucidating the underlying physics.