Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow

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Analysis of unsteady liquid-vapor front in a porous medium with variable heat generation


liquid-vapor front, porous medium, heat generation, numerical solution, condensation rate


The study incorporates the time-dependent condensation model embedded in a porous medium with variations in liquid-vapor densities along with variable heat generation. A semi-implicit discretization is employed to convert the enthalpy based partial differential equations into a system of nonlinear algebraic equations. The dimensionless form of a two-phase model, along with the heat jump condition, is solved via an Adaptive Moving Mesh Method (AMMM), which uses a smooth enthalpy-temperature relationship. The unsteady liquid-vapor phase change front with internal heat variations are achieved with the manifestation of various appropriate parameters. The obtained results are elucidated graphically. Results indicate that the upsurge in internal heat generation is assisting to reduce the condensation liquid-vapor phase front. With the enormous time variations, the condensation front position is found to be maximum as compared to a short time variation. The study further indicates that liquid density, liquid thermal conductivity, and temperature have enhanced the position of the liquid-vapor front with the variations in dimensionless time.