Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow

Article Title

Bubble motion and reaction in different viscous liquids


bubble column, viscosity, oscillation, optical measurements, reaction, Euler-Lagrange


Reactive bubble columns are omnipresent in the chemical industry. The layout of these columns is still limited by correlations and therefore improved simulation techniques are required to describe the complex hydrodynamics/reaction interaction. In this work, we focus on the numerical and experimental study of the viscosity influence on bubble motion and reaction using an Euler-Lagrange framework with an added oscillation and reaction model to bring the column layout base closer to a predictive level. For comparison and validation, experimental data in various water-glycerol solutions was obtained in a cylindrical bubble column at low gas hold-up, where the main parameters such as bubble size, motion, and velocities were detected. Glycerol leads thereby to a change in viscosity and surface tension. Further, the surface tension was modified by addition of a surfactant. The bubble oscillating motion in low to higher viscosity could be described using an Euler-Lagrange framework and enables a description of industrial bubble flows. In addition, the simulations were in good agreement concerning reactive mass transfer investigations at higher viscosity of the liquid which led to an overall lower mass transfer compared to the cases with lower viscosity.