Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow

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Disintegration co-flowing gas-liquid jet coupled with forced perturbation


gas-liquid jet, volume of fluid (VOF), liquid properties, morphology of breakup, forced perturbation, openFOAM


In this study, numerical simulation is employed to diagnose the behavior of round liquid jet under forced perturbation with the low-velocity coaxial gas flow. A sinusoidal longitudinal perturbation with high amplitude and infinite frequency is imposed on the inlet of the liquid jet. An annular gas with lower velocity flows coaxially. The volume of fluid (VOF) approach is used to capture the liquid-gas interface. Various circumstances are considered such as properties of the liquid, the ratio of gas velocity to liquid velocity, and the properties of perturbation. Different cap formations, ligament breakup, and the droplet generation processes are depicted. The results indicate that the slower gas flow can affect the liquid jet breakup behavior and droplet generation. Also, liquid properties can considerably influence the cap formation and morphology of breakup. This investigation is validated by other numerical and experimental research in the basic conditions, while co-flowing gas-liquid jet considered in the present study is completely novel.